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11/12/11: v2.1.5 of FRIL has been released!
09/16/09: Intro videos are available on the webpage. See here.
08/07/09: A new Tutorial (v 3.2) is available for download!
Quick download
Version 2.1.5 released on 11/12/2011 (Java 6 required)
Download the latest Tutorial (v3.2) for FRIL
FRIL was developed as a part of joint project between Emory University and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Pawel Jurczyk (Emory University, CDC)
James J. Lu (Emory University)
Li Xiong (Emory University)
Janet D. Cragan (CDC)
Adolfo Correa (CDC)
List of publications related to FRIL:

FRIL tutorial
08/07/2009: FRIL tutorial (v3.2) is available for download! It provides step-by-step instructions for linkage configuration. It also contains a description of all features available in FRIL. Make sure to take a look!

We would like to thank Yi Sun from the New York State OASAS, Bureau of Evaluation and Practice Improvement for contributing in making the tutorial better and submitting valuable suggestions and varous corrections.